Bright Life Unshackled

Bright Life Unshackled is for all those who want to empower young people to think above the stereotype, to see their value and to make enlightened choices so that they can live their brightest, most fulfilling lives.  We aim to uplift and nourish, to provide information and inspiration that liberate minds and that change conversations.

My name is Jennifer Bright, Interviewer, Writer and Coach, and I’ll be interviewing a whole range of interesting people (including parents, teachers, coaches, community workers, artists and entrepreneurs), leading lights who each have valuable perspectives that will inspire us, the adults of today, to encourage the adults of tomorrow to shine.

By reflecting on these conversations it’s my hope that, through us, young people will see their gifts and their goodness, become more aware of their  personal power to influence their direction, that they’ll acquire tools to navigate their path through life, and that they may even awaken to a greater sense of purpose.

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Jennifer Bright