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Interview #1  Natasha Kapadia is a coach and mentor who specialises in working with young people in school settings.  As you’ll hear, she’s a passionate advocate, full of understanding and valuable insights. She exemplifies what psychologist Gabor Mate calls ‘compassionate enquiry’ – the unconditional intention to understand a person and to promote a recognition of their wholeness. I hope you enjoy this episode and find points of value.

00 – 1.32  Intro

1.33 Welcome and why I wanted to interview Natasha Kapadia

2.49 What are some of the issues facing young people?

8.39 What sort of age group were you working with as a coach?

9.07 It’s really sobering to hear the complexity of some young people’s lives. It’s not surprising that so many act out.

10.30 You mentioned helping young people to find strategies to organize their time and their lives. You also mentioned County Lines. What are these and is there anything that in your experience can be done to help safeguard young people?

15.40 Large class sizes make it difficult for teachers to treat everyone as an individual.

18.15 Some reasons young people are moved into Pupil Referral Units (PRUs).  

21.00 What are some solutions you’ve encountered or encouraged?

28.00 All the ‘gifts’ you’re giving to the young people you work with in addition to practical solutions create a powerful effect.

32.20 What are some of the messages you’d want a young person to hear to help them to think twice before getting involved in, say, County Lines operations?

 37.00 The role of the media in creating perceptions of young people of colour.

40.00 Akala and his perspective in his book ‘Natives’.

42.26 Do you think there’ve been improvements in the way young people are seen/ supported/ resourced?

46.00 The importance of communicating and asking ‘Why’.

47.00 Drill music

50.00 The work that’s still being done by charities/ voluntary organisations

51.00 A helpful attitude to adopt when working with young people.

53.30 Closing thoughts about what we as adults in the general public can do 

Contact: coachingwithnatasha@gmail.com

Interview #2  Michael Belle is founder of ‘A Few Great Men’ and facilitates programmes in prisons, communities and schools  designed to expand the awareness  of greater possibilities. His love and admiration for  –  and belief in – the youngsters he calls ‘young stars’ is inspiring.  It’s my hope that you’ll leave this interview not only inspired, but with practices and perspectives you can share with young people.  I hope you find this interview as enlivening as I did.

00 – 1.30 Podcast Intro

1.30 Intro to Michael Belle. How he came to work in prisons;  what made him set up A Few Great Men;  the aim and impact of the prison programmes he’s created. 

11.20 Unconscious behaviour. Not always realising the consequences of actions when young. 

14.00 The impact on the psyche of young Black boys of unbalanced media reports and one way to rectify the imbalance

15.00 The beauty of this generation of youngsters (young stars) and the power of mindset

16.55 Some helpful insights and strategies to create change/develop self-belief

20.30 Some perspectives on popular culture including drill music

28.00 The world operates through fear. How to  support young people.

33.00 The effect learning about the beauty of African history has had.

34.20 The detrimental effect of thinking one’s history began at slavery

36.00 56 Black Men – Changing the narrative

38.56 Inspiring rant! You are ‘Your own universe’

43.00 How do you make decisions?

48.00 More useful practices, perspectives and immediately available resources

55.00 What gives you hope?

59.30 How to follow Michael Belle’s work:

Instagram: afewgreatmen_

Twitter: AFewGreatMen/MichaelBelle

The organization Michael Belle mentioned he currently works with:  Change Grow Live https://www.changegrowlive.org/ 

Interview #3   Dr Leroy Logan MBE is a former superintendent in the Metropolitan police. He retired in 2013 after 30 years’ service. He is also a former chair and founding member of the Black Police Association.

Since his retirement, Leroy Logan has built a reputation as an expert and is called upon by news outlets such as  Channel 4Good Morning BritainThe GuardianLBC, and BBC Radio 5 to use his decades of experience to give insightful, critical analysis on current events surrounding our justice system.

Born in 1957 to Jamaican parents, Leroy is a proud Londoner, a staunch Gooner (an Arsenal supporter!),  an advocate for good relationships between the police and Britain’s minority ethnic communities, and is a committed mentor to young people.

His book ‘Closing Ranks: My Life as a Cop’ was published in September 2020. In it he describes his 30 eventful years in the Metropolitan Police. As well as being an account of ethnic minority relations in modern-day Britain, it’s also a manifesto for anyone with a desire to mentor young people.

Podcast Highlights

  • What Leroy Logan saw the need for that led him to set up Voyage Youth in 2001
  • Why knife crime is a public health issue not a crime and punishment issue
  • The importance of parental influence being stronger than peer group influence
  • How Leroy Logan learned the life-changing importance of choosing friends wisely
  • Ways young people can feel part of something and connected to society   
  • Why over 100 youngsters have his phone number
  • The influence of technology
  • What keeps Leroy Logan engaged and optimistic

Leroy Logan is managed by TGRG Ltd. For all enquires please contact Juanita Rosenior on 0203 375 6024 or juanita@tgrg.co.uk

To find out more about Voyage Youth go to www.voyageyouth.com

Interview #4  Neil Patel –  aka N1

Chi Kri Yoga teacher and rapper, Neil Patel, otherwise known as N1, created something called Hip Hop Yoga in the early 2000’s. He expresses spiritual themes through Hip Hop and made an album called The Rapping Yogi.  His current album is called The Breathe Experience. Along with traditional yoga breathing exercises, the album has a full explanation of his ideas as well as some powerful messages delivered through some masterfully-penned lyrics and passionately produced music.  N1’s new release ‘The Truth’ came out on 1st  Oct.

The Breathe Experience project was created as a response to the proliferation of knife crime in London and you’ll hear from the interview and the tracks N1’s passion and commitment to bringing peace to the lives of young people. I hope you find this interview as enriching as I did.

Interview highlights

  • How a yogi came to marry yogic breathing and hip hop beats
  • An explanation of why N1 believes the breath is so important
  • How N1 learned the value of life and of Self-reliance
  • Why knife crime is like a square
  • Wise words for the current economically and socially challenging times

To follow N1’s work:

Instagram: chi_kri_yoga or N1.rap

You can also email: neil@chikri.com